Proceedings Now Available from the Inaugural 2017 National Cannabis Summit 

The 2017 National Cannabis Summit: Science, Policy, and Best Practices was a three-day meeting held in August 2017, in Denver, Colorado. Advocates for Human Potential, Inc., the Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network, and the National Council for Behavioral Health convened the Summit to facilitate advances in the science of cannabis and its regulation. 

Offering the first national forum for neutral, objective discussion of the public health and safety issues, the Summit had 473 participants and featured 57 presentations and posters. The Summit themes focused on emerging research and epidemiological data, law and policy, prevention, public health and safety, and the science of cannabis. 

Access to 2017 Program, Sessions, and Handouts 

Whether you were able to attend or not, you can still experience the 2017 National Cannabis Summit through these videos and materials: 

The Next National Cannabis Summit 

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