Why Population Health and Why Now?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is fueling integrated care across primary health, behavioral health, and social services, and population health management—the discipline of ensuring positive health outcomes for a group of individuals—is increasingly viewed as a way to accomplish better quality of care and reduced costs. Behavioral health providers are uniquely positioned to contribute to population health outcomes, as outlined in AHP’s white paper, Achieving Population Health: Behavioral Health Systems as the Link to Success.

Work with AHP for the necessary behavioral health subject matter experts, cutting edge information on policy and practice, and historic context to provide a rapid start and lasting values.

How Can Focusing on Population Health Help My Organization?

Behavioral health providers—especially social or human services providers—have long worked at the fragmented margins of the health care system in this country, stunting their ability to fully participate in the new managed care landscape. A focus on population health brings siloed, segmented functions together. Through creating integrated provider networks—where behavioral health, social services, and primary health providers work together with managed care entities—organizations can transform systems:
  • Value-based reimbursement
  • Integrated data enterprises
  • Population health management
Read more about how your organization fits in the new managed care environment in AHP’s most recent white paper Building Value-based Partnerships with Behavioral Health and Social Service Providers: How the Managed, Accountable, and Coordinated Care Markets Can Leverage Fully-Integrated Provider Networks That Are Prepared for Population Health Management and Value-based Reimbursement.

How Will My Organization Benefit from Working with AHP?

Whether your organization is in behavioral health, primary health, or managed care, AHP will bring a mix of experts across the subject areas most relevant to assessing and implementing the best population health management plan for you.  AHP’s senior consultants are each recognized in their own right as national experts. Each brings a great depth of knowledge garnered over extensive careers in the health, behavioral health, disability, social services, and managed care fields. AHP leverages this experience to help you transform your business operations.